A part of the Cochrane Public Library’s mandate is to collect material related to all aspects of the history of our community and surrounding areas. Archived material is a vital aspect of our society as they are pieces of history that can tell a story and place events in context. These cultural and heritage documents form a portal to our past making history come alive, they honour the integrity of the people and events that have been instrumental to the evolution of our community. Through their collection and with proper care, archived materials become pieces of history preserved for future generations to enjoy and explore.

Should you have a donation, you can print this form to accompany your donation.

Ways you can donate:
  • Monetary Donations – Donation Tree, Estate or Willed donations, Programs, Book Fund, Archives. 
  • Archival Material
Help us to fill in the gaps in our community’s history by donating to your library’s collection. Don’t let valuable pieces of our heritage be sold at yard sales, lost, or thrown away. If you have old photographs, letters, maps, or additional documentation, help us to preserve these valuable records and make them available to the community, and to future generations, by donating them to the your library’s archives.

The next time you clean out your attic or are preparing for a yard sale ask yourself if these records might be of value to the library archives before discarding them.

Library staff will be pleased to accept archive donations and have prepared a special donation form to ensure your records are tracked and cared for. Your name will be recorded as the donor and you also become part of our history. You may wish to print the donation form from this site or pick one up at the library’s front desk. We would really like to hear from you.