The Cochrane Public Art Gallery is located on the lower level of the library, and available for local and surrounding artists to book on a monthly basis.

For information on the current Gallery Exhibit, visit our Events page here

Room: 34′ long x 25′ wide
Square Footage: 850 sq’ floor space
Wall Exhibit Space:

  • Section 1 = 3.25′ high x 6′ long
  • Section 2 = 3.25′ high x 12.75′ long
  • Section 3 = 3.25′ high x 34′ long
  • Section 4 = 3.25′ high x 20′ long
  • Section 5 = 3.25′ high x 8′ long

Also available for exhibit use are: 2 large black wooden floor easels (tall); 2 table top metal scroll easels (short); 2 square carpeted floor modules to display or seating; and two mobile, locking glass floor display cabinets.

Interesting in hosting an exhibit in either the Gallery or the Display Cabinets (see below) – fill out the Room Use Request Form here. 

Click here for the Artist(s) Exhibition Agreement

The parties hereto agree to the following:

  • Each individual exhibiting Artist(s) agrees to pay a $30.00 artist fee, with $20.00 reimbursed on confirmation that the room is clean, all nails are pulled, and the exhibit has run the duration of the event as agrees. For two or more exhibiting artists/group, the fee is $50.00, with $20.00 being reimbursed following the confirmation of the above criteria.
  • The Artist(s) will be responsible to have their work to the gallery, in a condition suitable for display, by the setup date.
  • The Artist is responsible for the hanging and displaying of their artwork, as well as the take down, which includes the removal of all nails.
  • The Artist will be responsible for insurance coverage of their works during this exhibition.
  • The Library Gallery Committee will help with the promotion of the Artist’s exhibit by way of printing 12 posters for distribution in the library and community. The artist(s) will be responsible to distribute the posters around town and if they would like to place an ad in the newspaper it would be at their cost.
  • The Artist(s) should be in attendance at their opening reception and is responsible for providing the refreshments and food as they see fit. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted unless special permission is obtained from the Cochrane Public Library Board.
  • The Gallery will not permit reproduction of the works of art in the exhibition for purposes of sales, rental, loan or distribution of any kind without written permission of the Artist(s).
  • The Gallery Committee will receive a 10% commission on all sales while the exhibit is showing in the CPL Gallery. Clearly indicate on the identification cards if the work is for sale or not, and the cost.
  • It is understood that the work referred to above is to be displayed for the entire duration of the exhibition and will not be removed for any reason by either party before that time. Sold art work will be released to the buyer at the end of the exhibition.
  • The Artist(s) are aware that the Gallery Exhibit will not be supervised. There is video surveillance in the hallway, entrances and exits of the library.
  • The Gallery will be open to the public during regular Library business hours.
  • In the event that the performance, on the part of the Artist or the Gallery, shall be delayed or prevented by an act of nature, physical disability etc. it is understood and agreed that there shall be no claim for damages by either party for any prevention or delay.
  • All amendments and modifications of this agreement will be with the written mutual consent of both parties.

The calendar for 2020 is quickly filling up. Please make your requests in advance.
Artists are asked to print out the Inventory List and complete for each piece.

Display Cabinets on main level available for displays

Display Cabinet Exhibit Agreement available here for download.

“For Profit” Exhibits (intending to sell items on display)
1. For each exhibiting artist the fee is $10.00, which is to be paid to the Library upon signing this agreement. This fee will secure the exhibit date and will be non-refundable should the artist not exhibit as agreed.
2. The Gallery will collect a 10% commission on all sales from the exhibit while the exhibit is displayed in the display cabinets at the Cochrane Public Library. Please clearly indicate on the inventory list and the identification cards if the work is for sale or not for sale, and the cost of each piece.
For “Non-Profit” Exhibits are exempt from the exhibit fee. (Educational / Awareness/ Entertainment purposes only)
3. The artist(s) will be responsible for bringing their art work to the library, ready for display and on the agreed upon setup date.
4. The artist(s) is responsible for setting up their exhibit, as well as the take down, during library hours.
5. The artist(s) are responsible for their own insurance coverage for their works during this exhibit. Usually covered for a limit under a home or tenant policy.
6. The Library will help with the promotion of the artist’s exhibit by way of printing 12 pre-designed, ready to print posters for their distribution in the community and in the library. The artist is responsible for the distribution of the posters.