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Forest of Reading – White Pine

The Forest of Reading® helps celebrate Canadian books, publishers, authors and illustrators. 

The White Pine™ Award reading program offers high school-aged teens at all grade levels the opportunity to read the best of Canada’s recent young adult fiction and non-fiction titles.

This program promotes reading for enjoyment among high school-aged students and familiarizes them with great Canadian books, by Canadian Authors. The books for the 2017 program are now on display! Sign up at the Circulation Desk.

Anime Club- Youth Advisory Committee

This opportunity is designed for youth (aged 10+) that want to give a voice to their generation, would like to contribute to the wellbeing of their community and are interested in improving and promoting the library. Be a part of it!

What do we do?

  • Express opinions and ideas about what you’d like to see happening at the Library
  • Discuss books, websites and library programs
  • Help plan library programs for teens
  • Help in putting up displays and promoting library programs
  • Fundraise to increase the Young Adult collection


  • Enjoy the satisfaction of helping others
  • See your favourite series on the shelves!
  • Meet new people
  • Earn volunteer hours
  • Some programs may help to develop leadership skills

When do we meet?

  • Every second Saturday. (Please check the regular calendar for dates and changes)

Ardis –
705-272-4178 ext. 27

Youth Book Review Guidelines

We are all about expressing your honest opinions about books and other lending materials. Don’t be afraid to say what you think about the material! We welcome your passion as it helps our library users learn what a book is really about and decide whether or not they want to read it. We believe that library users should see the best, most relevant, thought provoking reviews (positive and negative) when they view our reviews page.
Here are some of our guidelines for creating a review for our page:

  • Creativity! Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.
  • No vulgar or crude language.
  • DO NOT give away the ending! We want your opinion, not the plot.
  • Images in reviews are fine (and sometimes hilarious) but please, no nudity or graphic violence.
  • Please choose a “reviewer name” to submit your reviews under. This name will be on file and used when posting your reviews to our page. Again, remember this name shouldn’t be inappropriate or vulgar.  
  • Reviews should be no shorter than 50 words and no longer than 200 words.
  • Check your spelling and your grammar!
  • You may drop off your review at the front desk in writing, or you may type it out and email it to
  • Reviews that fail to meet the above guidelines will be returned to the reviewer for revisions and not posted until those revisions are made.

Community Service Hours:

  • For every 3 reviews you submit you will get 1 hour of community service.
  • Reviews will be posted on our website, social media, and combined with others to form an annual list of the top reviewed books/materials at our library.

For up to date information on all our programs, please head over to our Facebook page


This is where we will post some of the Anime Club Member’s reviews for you to read and enjoy!



BigAnimeGuy (November 2017) 
Adam sandler is funny. He is pretty cool guy and big daddy was a good movie for my weekend off school. It was cold and he was making me laugh so fricken hard. I think its a good movie to enjoy and feel good about and worth checkout at the library. But once I bring it back, cause I renewed it. – Review of Big Daddy DVD.

BookLoverFluff378 (June 2017) 
This movie was crazy funny and I loved it! I hope all watch it if you like blood, gore, and tons of other fun stuff like that. Boo! – Review of Saw the DVD.

BookLoverFluff378 (May 2017) 
I am really getting into this series this year and this book didn’t disappoint man! It was epic and had all sorts of awesome things going on that I don’t wanna spoil for you. Be sure to check it out. – Review of Fairy Tail, Vol. 45 (Fairy Tail #45) by Hiro Mashima, William Flanagan

BookLoverFluff378 (March 2017) 
So far (I’m not all the way through it) the anime is pretty true to the manga. They’re practically the same, only I think some things have been sweetened in the anime. 🙂 – Review of Fairy Tail, Vol. 1 (Fairy Tail #1) by Hiro Mashima, William Flanagan

BigAnimeGuy  (March 2017)
I love this manga so much!!! It is the best manga I’ve read in ages! I feel so sorry for Rukia and her love. It’s sad how it all ends. I truly believe that she deserves to be rescued! And I was so shocked that there is only one day before her execution!!! I can’t believe how sad it is!!! Also it might sound stupid but I kind of like Gin. He is mysterious and I am eager to find out what he is up to! Loved it! – Review of Bleach Volume 15

BigAnimeGuy  (February 2017)
This manga was really interesting and I have read all of the start now. I hope the library gets more of this type of series. Rukia is just such an interesting character and it never gets old reading the journey and interesting story that she has. I want to continue to read all this as long as I can and I hope you do too.  – Review of Bleach Volume 14

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