Grandma’s Garden

Take a stroll through Grandma’s Garden with the Cochrane Art Club and Artistic Endeavors. For more information find the group on Facebook under the same name.

Pauline Stewart

(1)  Potful of Cacti are rocks painted with acrylic

(2)  9 x 12 acrylic painting 

(3) & (4) 5×7 needle felted purple pansies and needle felted yellow pansies

(5) butterfly mandala acrylic painted rock

(6) ladybug acrylic painted rock

(7) & (8)  necklaces approx. 21 inches long….made with polymer clay accented with either glass beads or wooden beads.  Butterfly brooch made with polymer clay

(9) turtle made with painted mandala on a rock then needle felted legs, head and tail

None of these items are for sale at this time.

Frances Crundwell, Irene Slater, Wendy Dodds and Mariebeth Bonfeild.

Interested in more information on these pieces or wish to purchase? Contact : frances crundwell